A New Era of Group Contributions

Building strong bridges between those in need and those who can help through our reliable crowdfunding and group contributions platform, Chango!

Chango seamless cashout

Easiest way you can chip in

Explore the power of Chango when contributing as a year group, church or organisation. Our Mobile Money, VISA or Mastercard payment options make it easy to show your support when donating to a cause you care about.

A group that pays together,
stays together

Create group campaigns to contribute towards a specific goal as a group.

Easily add new members by sending group invite links via WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

Keep track of all contributions and the people who made them.

Chango - The power is in your hands

The power is in your hands …literally

With Chango, you make the rules! Decide how many people must approve cashout from your group before any withdrawal can be done. We put the power in your hands to set your own terms and conditions for your group.

Chango Pattern

A Seamless Cashout Experience

Chango gives you varying cashout options when it’s time to withdraw or send money. Payouts can be made to a Mobile money number or bank account. Simple!

Chango seamless cashout

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