Allawa (Domestic Petty cash)

Allawa is the nickname of allowance. It is also a term coined for homes where a husband and wife do not necessarily want to have a joint bank account but still desire to spend on common family needs such as groceries, paying the washman, paying school fees, utility bills, etc, from the same pot. Chango […]

Church Groups

The choir of XYC International church likes to plan for their programmes and not depend on the church for every single financial need. As such they contribute money periodically towards their welfare and other projects as a group. Members are encouraged to contribute GHS 20 a month. How will they use Chango to solve this? […]

Old Students Supporting A Bereaved Classmate

James, a member of the ‘95 year group of ABC old students association, has just lost his dad. His class mates are seeking to raise some money to help support him. Currently, they use a Momo number and solicit everyone’s transfer funds to that number. There are no controls nor measures to ensure transparency and […]