Allawa (Domestic Petty cash)

Allawa is the nickname of allowance. It is also a term coined for homes where a husband and wife do not necessarily want to have a joint bank account but still desire to spend on common family needs such as groceries, paying the washman, paying school fees, utility bills, etc, from the same pot. Chango comes to the rescue.

How does Chango do this?
  • The husband or wife creates a Chango account and invites the other spouse as an admin
  • The rules of the account can be 50% to vote, which gives power to either party to cash out without necessarily requiring the other party to approve. Alternatively, it can be set to be 100% in which case both parties must approve a cash out
  • They pay money into the Chango account in bulk, and keep the money in the Chango account to disburse in bits and pieces
What is the real benefit?
  • Cash out from Chango is 100% free! As such the couple saves money by keeping the money in the Chango account and disbursing from it, rather than using other apps or mobile money directly.


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