A Radio/TV station raising funds to pay for surgery

Kojo Kirkson is a veteran actor who is currently battling with kidney failure. He needs $25,000 to undergo surgery immediately but he has no money to do that. He made an appeal to the public through a video and ITC Media saw it. They decided to come to his aid and help raise the targeted amount. They also donated $2,000 and promised to use their channels to appeal for funds from the general public.

ITC announced it and put out a Momo wallet and an account number via their radio and television channels. During one of their programs on radio, a listener called in to find out how the public will be able to tell if the targeted funds have been raised or not? The listener also sought to find out why the Momo wallet had the name Ameyaw Amui and not Kojo Kirkson. He was concerned anyone can put out a mobile wallet or account number in the name of raising funds for Kojo but; dupe the general public. XYZ Media promised to address his concerns

How will they use Chango to solve this?
  • ITC media creates a Public group on Chango
  • They create a campaign and share the link on all their social media platforms
  • They also announced it on air
  • Their listeners and other members of the public can make donations to the surgery campaign by downloading the Chango App and selecting the name of the group under Public Groups
  • Members can begin to contribute to the campaign.
  • Members can see the targeted amount and how much has been contributed so far
  • A management portal is assigned to the public group to manage the fundraising activities
  • Chango frees the ‘treasurer’ from the burden of accounting for the money
  • Chango gives confidence to all contributors that the funds raised will be used for their intended purpose
  • Statements on all contributions can be shared with the general public
  • Funds are settled to a bank account determined by the radio station



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