RGC Church Raises Funds To Support Nsawam Prison Inmates

Every year, the RGC Church raises funds to support the prison inmates at Nsawam. The current mode of contribution is through a mobile money wallet assigned to a member of the church where funds are sent. Church members and other esteemed supporters have lamented bitterly about the accountability of funds for the project and have threatened to stop with donations.

One of their esteemed donors however suggested that they use the Chango mobile app for the donations as it would seamlessly provide a flawless and transparent process.

How To Use Chango To Solve This
  • Creation of Public Groups – The RGC committee can create a public group for the collation for funds
  • Creation of Campaign – they can create a campaign and then share the link with their members and also on all their social media platforms
  • Their members and the general public can make donations to the campaign by downloading the Chango App and selecting the name of the group under Public Groups
  • Members can begin to contribute to the campaign.
  • Members can see the targeted amount and how much has been contributed so far
  • A management portal is assigned to the public group to manage the fundraising activities
  • Chango frees RGC from the burden of strenuous accounting of the funds
  • Chango gives confidence to all contributors that the funds raised will be used for their intended purpose
  • Statements on all contributions can be shared with the general public
  • Funds are settled to a bank account determined by the RGC


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